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    BITSAT 2023- 2024 Cut Off – Closing Rank

    The final BITSAT score cut-offs to various degree programmes in the Academic Year (AY) 2023-2024 admission session are as below.
    Please note that the BITSAT maximum marks in AY 2023-2024 was 390, whereas the maximum marks until 2021 was 450.


    CampusProgramCut-off ScoreBITSAT maximum marks
    PilaniB.E. Chemical224390
    PilaniB.E. Civil213390
    PilaniB.E. Electrical & Electronics272390
    PilaniB.E. Mechanical244390
    PilaniB.E. Computer Science331390
    PilaniB.E. Electronics & Instrumentation266390
    PilaniB.E. Electronics & Communication296390
    PilaniB.E. Manufacturing220390
    PilaniB. Pharm153390
    PilaniM.Sc. Biological Sciences212390
    PilaniM.Sc. Chemistry213390
    PilaniM.Sc. Economics257390
    PilaniM.Sc. Mathematics236390
    PilaniM.Sc. Physics235390
    GoaB.E. Chemical209390
    GoaB.E. Electrical & Electronics252390
    GoaB.E. Mechanical223390
    GoaB.E. Computer Science295390
    GoaB.E. Electronics & Instrumentation244390
    GoaB.E. Electronics & Communication267390
    GoaM.Sc. Biological Sciences204390
    GoaM.Sc. Chemistry205390
    GoaM.Sc. Economics239390
    GoaM.Sc. Mathematics221390
    GoaM.Sc. Physics222390
    HyderabadB.E. Chemical207390
    HyderabadB.E. Civil204390
    HyderabadB.E. Electrical & Electronics251390
    HyderabadB.E. Mechanical218390
    HyderabadB.E. Computer Science284390
    HyderabadB.E. Electronics & Instrumentation244390
    HyderabadB.E. Electronics & Communication265390
    HyderabadB. Pharm135390
    HyderabadM.Sc. Biological Sciences204390
    HyderabadM.Sc. Chemistry205390
    HyderabadM.Sc. Economics236390
    HyderabadM.Sc. Mathematics219390
    HyderabadM.Sc. Physics219390



    Please note that the actual cut-off score for a programme also has further condition of breaking the bracketing rule (i.e., considering the PCM scores) if there are more candidates at a particular BITSAT score than seats available.

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