Career Aptitude Test

    Career Aptitude Test


    Career Aptitude Test


    Why This Test

    1. It helps to understand his inherent aptitude and take a right decision for choosing his career path
    2. It helps Parents to understand the inherent personality of child, his study habit, interest which provides insight  for a right guidance and decision making


    Are You Confused ? Std 10th to XII-and their  Parents

    Engineering  or Medical, Medical or Law, Law or Fashion

    BTech or BArch, BArch or BFtech ,Marine Engineering or Aeronautical Engineering

    BDS or Bio Technology, LLB or BBA

    Or Graduation From Top College Delhi University  or Study Abroad


    Career Counselling & Aptitude Test by Vikas Kumar & Team from Tuesday to Saturday

    Morning Slot- 10 am – 12 pm , Evening Slot- 5.00-7.00

    Fee – Rs 4000

    Each Career Gives you opportunity for a package of 5 lakh to 50 lakh per Annam-But Start Early

    Career Facts

    1. Top IITs and Top Branches have Great Placement but everyone does not Get 1 CR Package
    2. 1 CR is bagged for foreign Placement by 2-5 students in top Campus and it is equivalent to 50-60 lakh in India
    3. IIT Bombay-Only 38 % students of   Got Placement above 11 Lakh
    4. Average Package is sum total of top student getting 1 Cr and bottom most getting 4 lakh
    5. IITs have 105 Branches and everyone cant study all branch and end up in Good Job
    6. After Top 3 to 4 Branches –Trend is not Encouraging to take anything without Interest
    7. For General Category Students Either you score 550 + to get MBBS seats thru NEET 15 % AIQ or around 500 for admission in State level colleges- or ability to spend 40 lakh to 1 Crore in Private MBBS Colleges
    8. Admission in DU is not difficult but not a cake walk- 95 % and above is requirement for Top most colleges and 90 % and above for other seats and lower marks for lesser known colleges
    9. You Cannot spend 20 months preparing for engineering and Medical and last moment decide to go for alternate career and excel- exceptions are there but don’t make it a rule
    10. Each Career Gives you opportunity to earn 4 lakh Per annum to 50 Lakh Per annum-It depends how seriously you plan and execute your career chart. Always Remember first placement or offer is not your last earning

    Aptitude Test

    PS-Co CAT- @ Rs 4000- It includes PS-MAT & PS-SAT

    PS- HAT – Holistic Aptitude Test @ Rs 7500-It Includes PS-MAT, PS-SAT & PS-PAT

    We don’t  raise the level of Test To Select Top Ranker –We Test To judge the Real Potential  and focus areas of Improvement

    Indian Version of International test is applied to test you on 6 parameters-Numerical Ability , Reasoning, Verbal Ability, Spatial Ability, and so on. It is not academic  test and does not quire any preparation


    Mental Ability is most important ability either to excel in field of Engineering –Medical-Law- Fashion or any areas of Career. We test your mental ability to judge inherent potential and areas to enhance and upgrade the potential. It is not academic test and does not require preparation.


    Biggest Challenge of Student is Over Confidence or Under Confidence. Reason is exposure to  High level of Question or Low Level of question. We have designed Test absolutely in the exam level of Question to project real situation without extra hype and dim hope. It requires  preparation on part of the student so that there is no excuse for the same


    It is very much essential to test ability in the field beyond Engineering and Medical . Literature is the essence  of all work in the field of Arts and  related career . It is not academic test and does not require preparation



    1. Test Report of National level on 6 parameters-Numerical Ability, Reasoning Ability, Verbal Ability, Spatial Ability, Rapid Evaluation Ability, Cognitive Ability.
    2. Test Report also includes Report on Personality-Study Habit and Interest


    “Psychometric Assessment Test”

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