CBSE Class 10 students with math basic allowed mathematics in 11th for 2024-25 session

    CBSE extended the relaxation for Class 10 students and said that subjects once filled for LOC will not be changed.


    The Central Board of Secondary Education has decided to further extend the relaxation for students to study mathematics in Class 11 even if they opted for mathematics basic in 10th till the academic session 2024-25. The board asked school heads to check if such students have the ability and aptitude to pursue mathematics in Class 11 before allowing them to.

    According to the rules, only those students who studied mathematics standard in Class 10th are allowed to take mathematics in 11th. Students who opted for mathematics basic are only allowed to study applied mathematics in Class 11. CBSE first introduced the exemption in this rule after Covid pandemic. It has continued in the last two academic sessions.

    “For the session 2024-2025 too, as many changes are proposed because of NEP, hence, after detailed deliberations, the following has been decided by the Board,” the board said in an official statement and added, “The relaxation in this rule to continue further for the academic session 2024-25 only.”

    The board explained that two levels of mathematics for secondary school examination were introduced from the academic session ending March 2020 onwards. The mathematics (standard) is for those students who wish to opt for mathematics (041) at senior secondary level and the mathematics (basic) is for students who are not keen to pursue mathematics at higher levels.

    CBSE subjects in 2024-25 session

    “Before permitting Mathematics (041) in class XI to such students, the Head of the Institution/School should satisfy that the students are having the aptitude and ability to pursue Mathematics (041) in class XI,” the board told schools. It also requested the schools to bring the contents to parents or students and take appropriate action accordingly.

    Moreover, CBSE has also decided for the Class 10 students of 2024-2025 sessions that once they fill in the subject for List of Candidates (LOC) for board exams 2025, no change in the offered subjects will be allowed. “Above information may please be noted by the Principals, Teachers, Parents and students with the advice to select and filled the subjects carefully in the LOC,” it further added.

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