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    Son of Alumni of Notredame Academy Jamalpur Rishi Shekhar Shukla scored 300 out of 300 in JEE Main 2024-2025 and is National Topper

    Rishi Shekhar Shukla achieved a perfect score of 300 out of 300 in the JEE Main 2024 session 1 in January 2024, making him stand out in competitive exams. Originally from Jamalpur where his Father Mr Manish Shekhar was Student of Notredame Academey Jamalpur and alumni of 1989 batch. Rishi started his academic journey at Pallavi Model School, Alwar, studying under the CBSE board. He loved Maths and physics since class 8 and career in engineering fascinated him.

    Rishi wanted to be at the top and started serious preparation for JEE towards the end of class 10 and continued through class 11. He was students of Aakash BYJU’s two-year classroom program,

    Rishi said that he was clear about decision and decided to now choose computer science as my branch because there is a lot of creativity involved in this field. And it provides us with a lot of other opportunities to move on. Also, it provides great job opportunities particularly.

    Regarding books, he had very clear opinion. School textbooks are enough and sufficient for the boards. However, they are important for JEE but not adequate. I would say they are adequate. And for JEE, apart from the school and science textbooks, I have used Aakash BYJU’s Targets that they had given me. And a few other books from the market like Senge’s publications for Maths and  physics. And I had used N. Avasthi for chemistry, for physical chemistry. And M. S. Chauhan for organic chemistry.

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