Only 6.1% students looking for jobs: IIT Bombay counters report claiming 36% not placed

    IIT Bombay shared a survey report of graduating students of 2022-23 batch which shows students opted for higher degree, public services.


    Only 6.1 per cent of students of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay are looking for jobs, the institute said on social media. IIT Bombay’s statement came after a Hindustan Times news report claimed that 36% of students of the current batch failed to get placed.

    The institute shared the results of an exit survey conducted on the graduating students of 2022-23 and said in a post on X (formerly Twitter): “Lately there has been news that over 30% of IITB students do not get jobs! An exit survey among graduating students in 2022-23 says only 6.1% are still looking for jobs. Here is the survey result for you to decide…”

    According to the pie-chart shared by IIT Bombay, 57.1% of students were placed in IIT Bombay placements while 12.2% opted for higher degree. 10.3% of students found jobs off campus while 8.3% were interested in public service. Of total, 4.3% have not decided yet on taking a job whereas 1.6% want to start their own venture.

    Of total placed students, females secured 58.8% IITB placements while 56.7% males secured jobs. 8.1% women and 5.6% men are still looking for jobs, as per IIT Bombay’s survey.

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    Many from the academic world came in the support of IIT Bombay while several others mocked it. An educator from Unacademy alleged how news is being modified and said, “Agreed that the job market is not doing good! But 36% not placed at IIT Bombay is not the correct stat. Many go for Higher Studies, Public Service Exams and only a fractional 6% looking for a job. See how the news is modified and presented.

    An assistant professor from the Indian Institute of Science asserted that there is nothing concerning about the news report claiming decline in job placements at IIT Bombay. “The “news” about IIT Bombay placement is nothing to be concerned about. The response from IIT is reasonable. Let me explain: 1. There are still 3-4 months before “joining date” 2. The split of JEE students and GATE students is unavailable 3. Offer to CGPA plot is unavailable 4. These data cannot be made public as that will stop any other hirers from coming to campus 5. Also this graduating JEE batch is in be first “Covid batch” starting college in online mode. Without a finishing school their soft skills could be questionable,” he said on X.

    An investor expressed shock over the news and said, “It is shocking to come across the news that a premier institute like IIT Bombay has not been able to place 36 % of its passed out students across all branches.’ An X user seconded the investor’s feelings and asked, “Is this a skill issue or is it about Unemployment or is it about the depressive state of Indian Economy?”

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