Jamshedpur boy Priyanshu Kundu tops Jharkhand in ICSE Class 10, scores 99.6% marks, Aspires to become a neurologist

    The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) has declared the results for the ICSE (Class 10) and ISC (Class 12) examinations. This year, a staggering 99.47% of students have passed the ICSE class 10 exam.

    Priyanshu Kundu, a student of DBMS English School, has not only topped the ICSE Board Exam 2024 in Jamshedpur but has also marked his presence as the highest scorer in Jharkhand, achieving a remarkable 99.6% marks in class 10. His outstanding performance, with 498 marks out of 500, has garnered widespread admiration and accolades.

    Hailing from Haludbani, Priyanshu attributed his success to his relentless dedication and the unwavering support of his teachers. “I owe my achievement to my teachers,” said Priyanshu, emphasizing the crucial role played by his mentors in shaping his academic journey. His family, filled with joy and pride, celebrated his remarkable feat, with congratulatory messages pouring in continuously.

    His parents, Madhusudan Kundu, a cloth merchant, and mother Sunita Kundu, a housewife, are understandably proud of his achievement.

    Unlike many aspiring toppers, Priyanshu has set his sights beyond the conventional paths of IAS or IPS. Despite his extraordinary academic prowess, he dreams of pursuing a career in medicine, aspiring to become a neurologist. His fascination with the complexity of the human nervous system fuels his ambition to explore the uncharted territories of medical science.

    Remarkably, Priyanshu’s stellar performance was not fuelled by online resources but by traditional methods of study. He devoted 12 to 14 hours a day to his studies, relying solely on textbooks and the guidance of his teachers, eschewing online distractions like YouTube.

    Priyanshu’s academic excellence extends beyond mere marks. He scored a perfect 100 in three subjects – Science, Social Science, and Computer – showcasing his comprehensive understanding and mastery of various disciplines. Additionally, his interests extend to music, reflecting his multifaceted personality and diverse talents.

    His parents, Madhusudan Kundu and Sunita Kundu, shared their son’s joy and pride in his achievement. Despite the demands of their business, they provided unwavering support to Priyanshu, fostering an environment conducive to his academic pursuits.

    As Priyanshu embarks on his journey towards realizing his dreams his story serves as an inspiration to countless students, emphasizing the importance of perseverance, dedication, and the unwavering support of teachers and family in achieving one’s goals.

    Following closely behind was Diya Biswas from Loyola School, who secured an outstanding 99.4%. Diya’s remarkable performance added to the city’s academic triumph.

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