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    IITs CSE 2024-2025 Closing Rank – Gen – EWS – OBC- SC – ST Closing Rank- Cut Off

    IITs CSE 2024-2025 Closing Rank will be uploaded after JOSAA 2024 Counselling.

    JoSAA 2023 counselling all round cutoffs, or opening and closing ranks, are released. Candidates can check the JoSAA 2023 counselling CSE cutoff for IITs for all rounds in this article below. Continue reading to know the detailed JoSAA Computer Science Engineering Cutoff 2023 for IITs, determining factors, previous year cutoff, etc.

    The JoSAA 2023 Cutoff for all Rounds of Computer Science Engineering (CSE) has been released by the authorities at josaa.nic.in. Scroll down for the JoSAA 2023 Cutoff for Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, Round 4, Round 5, and Round 6.

    The opening and closing ranks for the Computer Science Engineering programme of IITs are available via the JoSAA 2023 cutoff. Closing ranks for several other courses offered at IITs are also available here. Candidates who qualify the JEE Main and JEE Advanced exams will be eligible for the JoSAA 2023 counselling process for admission to IITs. Candidates who have only a JEE Main score can also register for JoSAA 2023, but only for NITs, IIITs and GFTIs. The JoSAA counselling process will be conducted in multiple rounds, where the opening and closing ranks are released separately for each round. The JoSAA opening and closing ranks differ for the IITs, NITs, IIITs, and GFTIs.

    IIT CSE 2023 – Round-6 – Gender Neutral
    IIT Bombay1676201058227110
    IIT Delhi161188346010510491824
    IIT Madras4214821363810116541115
    IIT Kanpur12423837477214650772641
    IIT Kharagpur164279425411116055921632
    IIT Roorkee284412557097196521094261
    IIT Guwahati39865472912082671211735883
    IIT Hyderabad3746747595162256110149757
    IIT (BHU) Varanasi656107910013826835915928467107
    IIT Indore9141385159210296448198339103134
    IIT Gandhinagar11231555183226445571275412157219
    IIT Ropar13501859251338596901305590224328
    IIT Jodhpur161624083064568161363469697256367
    IIT Patna162728113315025531172270638171337
    IIT Mandi142629094235167251308395695215318
    IIT Bhubaneswar152931013403676641134308651159268
    IIT (ISM) Dhanbad185332583804666531190345712122243
    IIT Tirupati2089370148264310841428450875164307
    IIT Goa3410423255760914521753711891305369
    IIT Jammu3919485676188616392492943995575696
    IIT Palakkad3705516268975513311735337735379400
    IIT Bhilai344757918159271545246810461283454509
    IIT Dharwad38895978759801170823865091172350444


    IIT CSE 2023 – Round-6 – Female Only
    IIT Bombay56291297459227311134087
    IIT Delhi914199711725231812412989116
    IIT Madras3194797985232293721282828
    IIT Kanpur437610123146365502203258152154
    IIT Kharagpur52370233538429170132132
    IIT Roorkee7741165152164560666237357174204
    IIT Hyderabad6361300128128598650295321117117
    IIT Guwahati14221718181204704857353383238296
    IIT (BHU) Varanasi174822752933298941031402513275275
    IIT Gandhinagar2015246565065013231457790790348348
    IIT Indore197027683574489621187423548175175
    IIT Ropar24164212710965108921829121084857857
    IIT Bhubaneswar342352067927921833229110351056466466
    IIT Patna3333587776010791367239112071396654654
    IIT Jodhpur43336040107111162165261311301442863863
    IIT (ISM) Dhanbad34296454915107216872373533935446525
    IIT Tirupati50636558120612062120239215391539882882
    IIT Mandi47156596114712052127260311011475627627
    IIT Goa6983764614541454302536781903190310831083
    IIT Palakkad82819104153215322889310415951595932932
    IIT Jammu85219840149614964481506319861986
    IIT Dharwad790910825192719273237358016902032613






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