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    IIT Roorkee 2023-24 Closing Rank – GEN , EWS , OBC, SC , ST Cut Off -CSE , Electrical

    The authorities at the institute released the IIT JEE Advanced cutoff for IIT Roorkee. The IIT Roorkee cutoff is the minimum and maximum ranks that candidates need to secure to be eligible for admission to the institute. The IIT Roorkee JEE Advanced cutoff is made available to candidates as opening and closing ranks. Candidates who secure ranks within the specified range are eligible to apply for admission at IIT Roorkee. The authorities determine the IIT Roorkee JEE Advanced cutoff for Computer Science Engineering and other branches on the basis of various factors such as the total number of candidates who applied for admissions, the difficulty level of JEE Advanced and so on. IIT Roorkee cutoff is updated here in this article for the previous year released by the authorities.



    Academic Program Name(Gender-Neutral–4 Years) All India Quota – Round 6
    Electronics and Communication Engineering7971429198260428656218448145163
    Electrical Engineering104720372803535521049467668186289
    Mechanical Engineering22063854494649150719426851032381543
    Engineering Physics3029453510351117196423591325174010201063
    Chemical Engineering407650157628892018246511541424596758
    Production and Industrial Engineering46175889903111125783097163019299801085
    Civil Engineering459071009591229215630268541626237422
    Metallurgical and Materials Engineering704379451174135128093508166520759471103
    Biosciences and Bioengineering7422868912981421333438992103222711301265


    Academic Program Name(Female-only (including Supernumerary)–4 Years) All India Quota – Round 6
    Computer Science and Engineering7741165152164560666237357174204
    Data Science and Artificial Intelligence132418662772779961017398398254254
    Electronics and Communication Engineering2468300439239212151456562740383421
    Electrical Engineering392850408609351792209110491670633663
    Mechanical Engineering71539102205323513964460818522360895950
    Chemical Engineering686699142186222337294966205624089491340
    Engineering Physics705611320295829585314599524373319NANA
    Production and Industrial Engineering96421223625302530603363673370341814671467
    Civil Engineering99541290424002555488557931912291910431136
    Biosciences and Bioengineering129691467229652965678170303767376750P50P
    Metallurgical and Materials Engineering129501483227982916591966813355384114001400


    Academic Program Name(Gender-Neutral–5 Years) All India Quota – Round 6
    Mathematics & Computing (B.Sc and M.Sc) Dual Degree11091523180288667919538744158316
    Economics (B.Sc and M.Sc) Dual Degree4275565286510021680332616332076913954
    Physics (B.Sc and M.Sc) Dual Degree5480957417331741437853072109287012201220
    Geophysical Technology7641982414681518364342372130257311761448
    Geological Technology75351056315251571423548622203262113951437
    Chemical Sciences (B.Sc and M.Sc) Dual Degree10149129281918199445205331243028888431110
    Academic Program Name(Female-only (including Supernumerary)–5 Years) All India Quota – Round 6
    Mathematics & Computing (B.Sc and M.Sc) Dual Degree316443406366362103219013061306891891
    Economics (B.Sc and M.Sc) Dual Degree811812832258325836252673337563756NANA
    Geological Technology1511516434398239827849816939413941245P245P
    Geophysical Technology1513217600370837087331735631083108174P174P
    Physics (B.Sc and M.Sc) Dual Degree1710417714308030807899790625782578NANA
    Chemical Sciences (B.Sc and M.Sc) Dual Degree1685219020337933798298829844394439NANA


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