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    IIT Placements: 44% students yet to be placed in IIT Indore this year; salary packages take a dip

    IIT Indore Placement 2023-24: Of the total 452 students who registered for campus, only 254 students got placed so far. Check last 3 years’ placement trends.


    With the economic uncertainty and dip in job trends, students of Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) face challenges during placements. In a recent RTI reply, it was found that nearly 44% students of IIT Indore are yet to be placed this year.

    Responding to a RTI filed by Dheeraj Singh, an alumnus of IIT Kanpur and founder of Global IIT Alumni Support Group, IIT Indore Public Information Officer Sunil Kumar said that a total of 452 students registered for IIT Indore placement in 2023-24 academic year. Of this, only 254 students got placed. The data on the number of students who have not been hired in the academic year was not specified.

    The average salary and median salary packages also saw a dip last year compared to the previous academic year 2022-23. Notably, only 17.27% of the students, ie. 66 students, did not get placed in 2022-23.

    Low turnout of companies does not provide promising results in this year’s IIT placements as well. Several IIT students from different campuses have also alleged favouritism in the placement drives.

    Several students also pointed at the global recession being a reason for less number of companies coming onboard for recruitment at IITs.

    IIT Indore placement trends of last 3 years

    Dheeraj Singh had filed an RTI requesting IIT Indore to provide data on the number of students who secured jobs through campus placements, including pre-placement offers (PPOs) from the academic year 2021-22 to 2023-24. Students can check the placement trends, salary packages in the last three years, as on April 14, 2024.

    Number of students




    Number of students placed through campus placements




    Number of students registered for campus placements




    Median CTC (Lakh per annum)

    Rs 18.02 lakh

    Rs 21.2 lakh

    Rs 19 lakh

    Average CTC (Lakh per annum)

    Rs 23.5 lakh

    Rs 24.5 lakh

    Rs 21.5 lakh

    Number of students not placed



    In progress







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