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    IIITs CSE 2024-2025 Closing Rank – Gen – EWS – OBC- SC – ST Closing Rank- Cut Off

    IIIT CSE 2024-2025 Closing Rank releasing soon.


    IIT CSE Cutoff are the minimum marks required by a candidate for admission to the programme. Read further to check the same.

    The minimum rank required by the candidates for admission to IIITs is known as the IIIT CSE cutoff. Like every year, the cutoff of the CSE programme offered by IIITs has been announced by the Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) for round 6. Candidates can check the same below.

    Authorities determine the IIIT CSE cutoff after considering various factors such as the total number of seats available in each institute, the previous year’s cutoff trends, the difficulty level of the exam, etc. Candidates who have qualified JEE Advanced candidates will be able to check the IIIT cutoff 2023 for BTech Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) as the round-wise opening and closing ranks in the article below.


    IIITs CSE 2023 – Round-6 – Gender Neutral
    IIIT , Allahabad – IT6725378696953117824243211335207654
    Atal Bihari Vajpayee IIIT  & Management Gwalior53827757118213791924302214611846399945
    IIIT Lucknow – CS & AI699795451336153526683703177927679981745
    Pt. Dwarka Prasad Mishra IIIT , Design & Manufacture Jabalpur8582145842131236034785506195933898341624
    IIIT  Pune42021695224922814522473662760502114342376
    IIIT , Design & Manufacturing, Kancheepuram107531698624992879425164572169374312381710
    IIIT  Guwahati150412062531043218557082461928504311832614
    IIIT , Vadodara, Gujrat143492198732853646583392943763604625323236
    IIIT Kota, Rajasthan12721222963447420159549266178353826293386
    IIIT  Surat164582330334993866601697762295625911143039
    IIIT  Bhopal1492224413376842766349102313445593214963080
    IIIT  Kilohrad, Sonepat, Haryana1702325572400445198182103614100640929303883
    IIIT  Una, Himachal Pradesh1941327059456948708007109593435573726843255
    IIIT  Nagpur2039927288423048247086113943040677018853707
    IIIT , Sri City, Chittoor1106427829424751157709117795044810414273688
    IIIT  Tiruchirappalli2253928888463948628515108804029540912772144
    IIIT  Kottayam1710031998501059648590129335104915419773810
    IIIT  Ranchi2599732560505656129386124634798738931654073
    IIIT  Design & Manufacturing Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh1768632990524858678927129943833541018882325
    IIIT , Raichur, Karnataka20583332685308584710482132522768822219412994
    IIIT  Dharwad137734597541260819509142231179858017524059
    IIIT , Vadodara International Campus Diu (IIITVICD)19329348625467578511761141235091883432054366
    IIIT , Agartala22126351925619654210387135173983827739594179
    IIIT  Kalyani, West Bengal22025371955840624910563147723646700119154103
    IIIT  Bhagalpur21102385226106650212779147636345915139424650
    IIIT  Manipur305174635175767796140991669775041002142354672


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