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    Non-engineering Pune student lands a job at Google with whopping Rs 50 lakh salary

    Non-engineering graduates Harshal Juikar and Anurag Makade defy stereotypes as they secure high-paying jobs at Google and Amazon, respectively, based on their exceptional coding skills and determination. Their success stories challenge the notion that prestigious tech job opportunities are limited to engineering backgrounds, inspiring others to pursue their passions and showcase their expertise.

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    • Harshal Juikar, a non-engineering graduate from Pune, secured a high-paying job at Google with an annual package of Rs 50 lakh.
    • Anurag Makade, a tech student from IIIT Allahabad, has been offered a job at Amazon with a salary package of Rs 1.25 crore.
    • Other students from IIIT Allahabad have also achieved impressive placements, with one landing a job at Google with a salary package of Rs 1.4 crore.


    A student in Pune, Harshal Juikar, has recently achieved a remarkable feat by securing a high-paying job at Google, despite being a non-engineering graduate. Surprising, right? But Juikar made it possible. Juikar’s exceptional skills and determination have earned him an impressive annual package of Rs 50 lakh, reported News18.

    Born and raised in Mumbai, Juikar completed his education with a degree outside the engineering domain. Breaking the stereotype that often associates prestigious tech job opportunities with engineering backgrounds, Juikar’s success story is an inspiration to many.


    Believing that skills and passion know no boundaries, Juikar harnessed his talent in computer coding and programming. Through a relentless pursuit of learning and refining his skills, he showcased his expertise in this field, ultimately catching the attention of Google recruiters.

    Google, known for its relentless pursuit of talent and innovative ideas, saw great potential in Juikar’s exceptional coding abilities. Recognizing his remarkable talent, Google offered him a lucrative job with a handsome salary package.


    Another success story comes from IIIT Allahabad. A tech student, Anurag Makade, has achieved a remarkable feat by securing a job with e-commerce giant Amazon. Makade, who hails from Nashik, has been offered an outstanding salary package of Rs 1.25 crore. Makade will be working as a Frontend Engineer at Amazon, stationed in Dublin, Ireland.

    Announcing his new role on social media, Makade expressed his excitement, stating, “Greetings folks, I’m super excited to share that I joined Amazon as a Frontend Engineer!”. Prior to joining Amazon, Makade gained experience working as a software engineer at the Bengaluru-based organization Cure-fit, and also as an analyst intern at American Express in Gurugram. He officially began his job at Amazon in September 2022.

    Moreover, Makade is not the only standout from IIIT Allahabad. Other students from the institution have also secured incredible placements. Pratham Prakash Gupta secured a job at Google with a salary package of Rs 1.4 crore, Palak Mittal landed a placement at Amazon with a phenomenal package of Rs 1 crore, and Akhil Singh has been placed at Rubrik with a generous salary package of Rs 1.2 crore.

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