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    ‘Foul play’ in NEET result 2024; ‘stop playing with students’ lives’: Opposition demands probe

    NEET UG Result 2024: Karnataka deputy CM demanded ‘answers’ while NSUI asked for investigation under the Supreme Court’s supervision.


    Following the NEET result 2024 controversy, the opposition has again put a question mark on the whole result process and has come up with demands. Karnataka deputy chief-minister DK Shivakumar alleged ‘foul play’ in NEET results 2024 while Congress’ student wing, the National Students Union of India (NSUI) demanded reconsideration of students’ issues, resolvement of complaints, investigation under the Supreme Court’s supervision, and a re-exam in case of any discrepancy.

    Taking to social media, the Karnataka minister asked why the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the National Testing Agency (NTA) are ‘quiet’ and said that the ‘foul play’ in NEET UG 2024 result puts the future of 24 lakh students at stake.

    “Most of the NEET aspirants come from humble backgrounds. Such huge foul play puts a big dent in their aspirations to become doctors. Who is going to be held responsible for denying them a fair chance of becoming doctors?,” he wrote in a post.

    On the other hand, NSUI in-charge Kanhaiya Kumar talked in length about the ‘issues’ with NEET UG result 2024, NEET UG result date, NEET toppers, and NEET paper leak, while addressing the public.

    NEET 2024 Result: Opposition’s demands

    “We request BJP to stop playing with the lives of youth, stop the drama of ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’, get exams conducted on time, and take strict action against the perpetrators of irregularities in the exam. And you should immediately fill as many vacant posts as there are in the country,” said Kanhaiya Kumar.

    The NSUI incharge went on to say that the organisation of the country should learn good things from the government and there’s no need to learn its ‘distraction’ scheme. He asked when the NEET UG result date 2024 was June 14, why were results declared on June 4?

    “When the whole country is busy watching the election results, who will listen to the students? Even students’ parents were busy with the Lok Sabha election results, so who will listen about the errors made in the results? Students will tell their parents that their paper went well, however, the guardians will say that it’s their fault only,” he said.

    Kumar said that no student is at fault here, the NEET exam itself was not conducted transparently. Talking about NEET paper leak reports, he argued that NTA has denied paper leak whereas there is a ‘concrete’ example of complaints of paper leak at some Patna exam centres following which Patna police arrested some people.

    ‘The fun part is’, he said, that 67 candidates topped the exam and ‘even more fun’ is the fact that eight of them are from the same centre. “They are born with the whole world’s capabilities, and other students don’t have any talent,” he remarked. Adding to this, he said that he’s not questioning student’s potential, rather NTA’s ability and government’s intention.

    Kanhaiya Kumar reiterated the opposition’s demands and asked the ruling government to stop their deceit. Students are the future of this country and this is a question of life and death for them. He pointed to the recent student suicides post result declaration and asked people to be serious.

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