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    DPS Ranchi NSEP, NSEC , NSEB , NSEA & NSEJS Qualifiers- Above MAS -Toppers-2023-2024- 2025

    Bringing laurels to their alma mater, 12 students of DPS Ranchi cleared the National Standard Examination (NSE) in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Astronomy 2023-24 organized by IAPT (Indian Association of Physics Teachers).
    The meritorious students are Tamanna Kumari (Class XII), Devovnkar Giri (Class XII), Samriddhi Kedia (Class XII), Ashhad Hussain (Class XII), Rohit Raj (Class XII), Ruhan Srivastava (Class XII), Harshal Raj (Class XII), Shreyam Jha (Class XII), Anandita Gupta (Class XII), Lavanya Srivastava (Class XII), Aditya Kumar (Class XI) and Arnav Sinha (Class XI). It is worth mentioning here that, these 12 students of the school emerged as IAPT NSE 2023 MAS (Minimum Admissible Score) qualifiers.
    Dr. Ram Singh, Principal, DPS Ranchi expressed immense pride in the accomplishments of the students. Praising their hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm for learning, he said, “The success of our students in the IAPT exams is a reflection of their focus and perseverance”.

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