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    Unified Council

    About Unified Council

    Now a days the knowledge which children get in school, is largely rote and thus lacks the basic understanding of the subject. Knowledge and understanding are built up when there’s a thorough understanding of a subject. To acquire this knowledge through proper learning in order to contribute meaningfully to tomorrow’s world, the students and schools need to change the way they look at learning.

    Unified Council products and services empower educators and schools to promote self-learning in children.

    Unified Council offer various diagnostic exams for students of classes 1 to 12. These exams help student’s to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses and also their peers with a tool to set proper benchmarks.



    • Logical reasoning
    • Mental Ability and Vocabulary
    • Information Technology and Computing abbreviations
    • Cyber Crosswords and lateral thinking puzzles


    Olympiad Success provides online platform to prepare for following Olympiads organized by Unified Council. The platform consists of preparation guide, online topic-wise sample papers, mock tests and a robust monitoring system.


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