Dharmendra Pradhan inaugurates I-Hub Foundation at IIM-Sambalpur

    Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Friday inaugurated the I-Hub Foundation, an incubation center at IIM-Sambalpur. The foundation plays a key role in promoting and supporting innovative businesses in various sectors including textiles, arts and culture, agriculture, healthcare, financial and digital inclusion, tribal entrepreneurship and sustainability.

    Pradhan also launched the Sambalpur Chapter’s 100 Cube Startup . to set up 100 start-ups, each worth around Rs 100 crore, in its areas by Odisha’s centenary in 2036. “Start-ups… are wealth creators, job creators and economic enablers for the grassroots of society,” Pradhan said.

    Insisting that healthcare , textiles, agriculture, mining and minerals are priority sectors for startups, Pradhan said educational institutions. like IIM Sambalpur , are natural places for mentorship because of the talent pool of the faculty.

    “There is no dearth of resources in the country now. But the challenge is to connect resources with new ideas, and incubators like the I-Hub. facilitate that ,” he said. .

    “Our unique proposal focuses on the promotion of local arts, culture and intellectual industries in areas rich in mineral and mining resources. We are trying to bring added value to these sectors. We also aim to make Odisha a hub for startups and entrepreneurs,” said Mahadeo Jaiswal, Director of IIM Sambalpur.





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