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    Vikas Kumar is in Lady KC Roy Memorial School for Counselling Session

    30th January 2024

    Vikas Kumar is in Lady KC Roy Memorial School for career counselling sessions

    The board examination is round the corner and fear of not performing well causes great anxiety among the students. It is important for students to be in a calm state of mind and to deal with any emotion that may be causing distress, during examination. To overcome the stress and anxiety caused during exams and competitions, an interactive counselling session pf Vikas Kumar on stress management and exam anxiety was organised in Lady KC Roy Memorial School on 30th Jan 2024, for students of Grade X and XII.



    The objective of the workshop was to equip the young aspirants of X and XII with the skills and strategies to manage exam stress, educate them in various ways with which they can deal the stress and most importantly, be at ease and confident for the upcoming board examination.


    Mr. Vikas Kumar (Career Counsellor & Psychologist) conducted the workshop. While addressing the students, he said that anxiety is a part of human nature, but it is important to know how to overcome it. In the interactive session, he talked about the types of stress and how to deal with them by giving real life examples, to help students relate and understand. He also emphasised on the stress relaxation therapies like practicing yoga, walking and using scents or Gum, which can be easily followed by the students.


    He dealt at length with the ‘three Ps i.e. Planning, Preparation and Practice to help overcome any challenges and highlighted the importance of being organised in life with a well-defined goal.



    The Principal Abhishek Harit extolled the endeavours of the resource person for making the students cognisant about the stress handling techniques and the power of positivity in their lives.

    The Director Pranav Roy, also gave practical advice to the students, on recognising the early sign of stress and to adopt holistic approach to cope with the inevitable stress of exam.

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