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    NIT Raipur 2023-24 Closing Rank – GEN , EWS , OBC, SC , ST Cut Off -CSE , Electrical

    The authorities at the institute released the NIT JEE Main cutoff for NIT Raipur . The NIT Raipur cutoff is the minimum and maximum ranks that candidates need to secure to be eligible for admission to the institute. The Raipur JEE Main cutoff is made available to candidates as opening and closing ranks. Candidates who secure ranks within the specified range are eligible to apply for admission at NIT Raipur. The authorities determine the NIT Raipur  JEE Main cutoff for Computer Science Engineering and other branches on the basis of various factors such as the total number of candidates who applied for admissions, the difficulty level of JEE Main and so on. NIT Raipur  cutoff is updated here in this article for the previous year released by the authorities.




    NIT Raipur
    Academic Program Name(Gender-Neutral–4 Years) Other State Quota – Round 6
    Computer Science and Engineering1011012773183819603117407022082366491951
    Information Technology110591476321522311415252842394296912391379
    Electronics and Communication Engineering164191919128433070567264283005370414371638
    Electrical Engineering211902726441844481846190804208496817731966
    Mechanical Engineering29833376896003630611886128965435720726232734
    Chemical Engineering40784428046860692913292146196911760129332972
    Civil Engineering41308474807706800314032158735758758720732338
    Metallurgical and Materials Engineering43108520438546883215397169188175917629903311
    Bio Technology42408531888633890015791173787020913630263363
    Mining Engineering44378543408870911015983181128522927228793263
    Bio Medical Engineering48738562719200939317492183309406973329543667


    Academic Program Name(Female-only (including Supernumerary)–4 Years) Other State Quota
    – Round 6
    Computer Science and Engineering1510918853303730375740626929362936NANA
    Information Technology1896721835351835187550941240404471NANA
    Electronics and Communication Engineering227402856046254625103671098838984934NANA
    Electrical Engineering30371347125483568812187144376085709421902190
    Mechanical Engineering42498463968399839915986180277412741235873587
    Chemical Engineering4567849837852485241785818376104961049631133113
    Civil Engineering53023557399660966019720197659678998733943394
    Metallurgical and Materials
    Bio Technology5259657903NANA2011020225103991039936133613
    Bio Medical Engineering5744658536102991029921681217261073310753NANA
    Mining Engineering4854762396104601046021337224178794879436173617





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