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    Know JEE Main 2024-2025 Topper & Result of Chinmaya Vidyalaya Bokaro – Session 1 & 2


    Animesh Roy of Chinmaya has secured 99.802 percentile and has got the first position in JEE Mains 2024 phase I examination in Chinmaya Vidyalaya Bokaro, Ayush Kumar and Priyansh Piyush has begged second and third positions respectively . Shubham Anand from Biology section has Secured 99.223 percentile. This is an exceptional performance by student who is concentrating purely in NEET.
    Overall 78 students have secured more than 90 percentiles till the time of release of the news. Some of our top performers are Animesh Roy 99.802 , Ayush Kumar 99.733, Priyansh Piyush 99.314, Shubham Anand 99.223, Rishabh Kumar 99.221 , Dev Sangam Kumar 99.046, Krish Kumar 98.807, Aryan 98.693, Nilesh Kumar 98.178, Sachin Roy 98.062, Priyanshu Ranjan 98.041, Rushil Sinha 97.955, Kumar Utkarsh 97.704, Akarsh Kumar 97.593, Prince Raj 97.589,Soumyo Jyoti Sen 97.52, Raj Kumar Singh 97.449, Mayuresh Bharti 97.214, Vanshika Vanya 96.905, Vishal Kumar Mahatha 96.715
    For this tremendous performance by Chinmaya Students, the school principal Shri Suraj Sharma congratulated all the students and wished them well for all their future endeavors. Mr. Suraj Sharma further stressed that these results are the fruits of extreme hard work of students, dedication of teachers and motivation and continuous support of parents.
    On this achievement of our students our residence Acharya Swamini Samyuktananda ji congratulated the students and wished them well for the future. Students also received blessing from school President Shri Bishwroop Mukhopadhyay , our Secretary Shri Mahesh Tripathi , Treasurer Shri R.N. Mallick and Vice-Principal Narmendar Kumar.
    Chinmaya Teachers teaching in senior classes appreciated the hard work of students and the support they got from their parents at the same time they rejoiced the success of students. Blessings to all star performers were given by senior teachers P.K. Singh , Kumod Ranjan Singh , C.K.Singh ,Raj Kumar

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