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    IIT Delhi Suicide Case: Student’s parents demand internal investigation; letter to director

    Twenty-three year old Varad Nerkar was found dead in his IIT Delhi college hostel on February 15.


    Over two weeks after a final year MTech student at IIT Delhi died by suicide, his parents have written to the college administration demanding an inquiry into their son’s death. Twenty-three year old Varad Nerkar was found dead in his college hostel on February 15.

    IIT Delhi director expressed solidarity and regret on the unfortunate demise of the student. The parents however claimed that a letter which was sent to the IIT Delhi director regarding internal investigation was forwarded to the police without paying serious attention.

    In a letter to the IIT Delhi, the parents said “We are deeply disappointed that you have immediately forwarded our complaint letter to the police without giving it serious attention. Is IIT Delhi trying to shirk its responsibility on this serious complaint?”

    “We are sure that IIT Delhi has its own statutes, policies and protocols that govern the entire campus fraternity, including the Faculty Guides, who must abide by them. And any violation of such governance mechanisms should invite disciplinary corrective action.Please tell us what is the role of the police department in the local administration of IIT Delhi, of which you are the director and authority.” the letter added.

    The parents further asked IIT Delhi to appoint an impartial internal investigation or form a fact finding committee which will specifically investigate the death of their son. Anything less would be an abdication of the responsibility, the parents said.

    Mid-semester exams postponed

    IIT Delhi postponed the mid-semester exams, which were originally scheduled for February 21 to 24, due to the impact of Varad Sanjay Nerkar’s recent suicide on other students. The examinations were later held on February 26 to 29.

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