IIM Calcutta National Policy Hackathon 2024 concludes; participants from over 180 institutions

    The three-round IIM Calcutta National Policy Hackathon 2024 provided a platform for aspiring policy enthusiasts to analyze current issues and come up with innovative solutions.

    IIM Calcutta Public Policy Club recently concluded its second edition. the highly anticipated National Policy Hackathon 2024, which brought together participants from over 16 states and 180+ agencies across the country. The event was organized by Public Policy Club, IIFT Kolkata and Toastmasters Club, IIM Calcutta. The information partner of the event was the well-known law firm Ikigai Law.

    The organizers started the event with the comment of Franklin D. Roosevelt “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can always build our youth for the future.

    IIM Calcutta National Policy Hackathon 2024: Whitepaper Proposals\ The nHäckathon, which consisted of three rounds, offered potential policy makers the opportunity to explore current concerns and propose innovative solutions.The first two rounds focused on a white paper where participants tackled case problems related to the threat of deep counterfeiting, recycled plastics in the food industry, and the need for workforce skills. The quality of feedback and diversity showed the analytical and creative thinking of the participants in solving complex political challenges. After evaluating the proposals, seven finalists were selected to present their proposals at the IIM Calcutta campus on March 3, 2024.

    Judges included Professor Rajesh Bhattacharya of the Public Policy and Management Group of IIM Calcutta, Professor Debashis Chakraborty of IIM Calcutta. IIFT Kolkata Economics Group and Ikigai Law Head of Government Affairs Rutuja Pol.

    The presentations were judged on their level of analysis, clarity, novelty and profitability of the solution. Presentations focused on a wide range of policy areas, from implementing modern technology to tackling deep fake content to providing sustainable ways to reduce plastic pollution in the food industry.

    The National Policy Hackathon 2024 provides an opportunity for discussion, ideas and collaboration. . The event not only inspired participants, but also fostered a network of change-makers committed to positive social impact through policy innovation.


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