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    G20 nations adopt Delhi declaration on education; focus on bridging digital divide

    The G20 leaders also agreed to focus on foundational education, and support educational institutions and teachers to adapt emerging technologies.

    The leaders of Group of 20 (G20) have agreed on an agenda ‘G20 New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration: Delivering Quality Education’ to transform education. The leaders agreed to work on foundational education, bridging the digital divide and support educational institutions and teachers to adapt to emerging trends.

    The leaders have also agreed to expand access to quality technical and vocational education and training. The countries will also collaborate to fostering scientific collaboration, and enabling lifelong learning, particularly for vulnerable groups.

    “The G20 nations have collectively paved the way for a brighter educational future, emphasizing equity, adaptability, and collaboration on a global scale, ensuring that education remains a beacon of opportunity for all,” the ministry of education said.

    G20 Summit: Focus on AI

    To strengthen foundational learning, the countries will partner to enhance literacy, numeracy and socioemotional skills. They agreed that it is the building block of education and employment opportunities. The participating nations will also focus on artificial intelligence and digital technologies so that the teachers can keep pace with the emerging technologies to end digital divide.

    Earlier today, IIT Council on behalf of all higher educational institutes in the country signed an agreement with the Association of American Universities (AAU) to establish and seek support for the Indo-US Global Challenges Institute.

    In another collaboration, the New York University Tandon School of Engineering, and the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur will launch the New York University-Tandon and IIT Kanpur Advanced Research Center in critical and emerging technologies.

    The IIT Bombay has also joined the Chicago Quantum Exchange (CQE), headquartered at the University of Chicago, as an international partner in fields such as quantum information science, climate and energy, advanced microelectronics, artificial intelligence and data science.

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