Apex Basics Admission Test – Lakshya

    Apex Basics – Lakshya

    For whom- Students studying in Std 4 to Std 8 and Std 9 to Std 12.

    Date: 31st March

    Last Date of Registration: 28th March

    Registration Fee: Rs 200


    Exam Pattern:

    There will be two Part

    Part A and Part B:

    For Std 4 to 7 only Part A is applicable

    For Std 8 to 12 Part A is compulsory Part B will be administered on request by Students/ Parents or on requirement basis

    For students of Std 4 to 7

    Part A is On SOF Pattern

    Maths : 60 minutes
    Science- 60 minutes

    IMO/ NSO Pattern

    For Students of Std 8 to 10

    Part A is On SOF Pattern

    Maths- 60 minutes
    Science – 60 minutes

    Part B is on Advanced Olympiad Pattern

    Duration: 2 Hours
    Pattern : NSEJS/ IOQM


    For Std 11 and 12

    Std 11- Only First 4 NCERT chapters of Physics/chemistry/Biology- Maths

    Std 12- Full syllabus

    PCM Group

    Part A-

    Duration:3 Hours

    JEE Main Pattern

    Part B-

    Duration: 3 years

    JEE Advanced Pattern or NSEP/NSEC/NSEB as per requirement.

    PCB Group

    Part A-

    Duration- 3 hours

    NEET pattern

    Part B

    Duration- 2 hours
    NSEB Pattern

    For CLAT/ NIFT/ CUET aspirants 

    Part A only



    Step 1 : Enter Your Mobile Number

    Step 2 : Enter Your Details

    Step 2 :You Have Now Successfully Registered For the test.

    You’ll then be receiving a call from our office for further assistance.






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