Engineering Entrance Information Counselling

    Exams Covered:

    JEE Main I JEE Advanced I BITSAT I

    Top 10 -Private University Entrance Exams

    Top 5 State Entrance Exams I Total 50 Entrance Exams

    Entrance  Exam Counselling consists of

    • Entrance Exam Overview
    • Entrance Exam Pattern
    • Entrance Exam Selection Strategy
    • Entrance Exam Cut Off
    • Entrance Exam 3 Year Trend Analysis
    • Goal Setting

    Benefits of Entrance Exam Counselling –

    1Choosing Right and appropriate Entrance Exam based on performance and Projection
    2Balancing JEE Main And JEE Advanced
    3Revision Strategy for JEE  Advance and BITSAT after JEE Main Exam
    4Revision  Strategy after JEE Main Exam-JEE Advanced or BITSAT or State Entrance
    5Understanding about IIST-IISER-ISC-ISI-IIIT-Hyderabad
    6Analyzing need for WBJEE-COMEDK and other state Entrance Exam
    7Analyzing need and strategy for VIT-Manipal-PESIT-SRM and KIIT and others


    Academic Counselling

    1Balancing School and Competitive Exam
    2Revision Strategy for Boards and AITS
    3Revision Strategy for Top Entrance Exams


    3. Stress Management Counselling Program-Student & Parent

    Understanding Difference between Eustress and Distress

    Tricks and Techniques to handle Performance Anxiety Stress

    Tricks and Techniques to handle Preparation Anxiety Stress

    Tricks and Technique to handle Pre Exam Stress, In Exam Stress and Post Exam Stress

    Tricks and Techniques to handle Parental Stress

    4. Rank Counselling Program

    Rank  Counselling is a Revolutionary Career Counselling Program initiated by Vikas Kumar for  IIT-NIT-top 100 College Aspirants and their Parents. It Consists of Seat Information Counselling, Cut off Counselling-Closing Rank Counselling, Ranking Guidance, Branch Counselling, Placement Guidance, Seat Allotment Counselling, Choice Filling and Information Management.

    It Includes Personal counselling, Group Counselling, Career Infopedia, SMS Alert, and Doubt clearing.

    Students can enroll either for Standard or for Standard + MDCC.

    Types of Rank Counselling Program

    1. JOSAA IIT NIT Rank Counselling (BITSAT Included)
    2. VIT-SRM-Manipal-PESAT-KIIT Rank counselling
    3. JEE Main –Deemed University Counselling
    4. JEE Main –Multi State Counselling
    5. State Rank counselling-WBJEE-COMEDK-BCECE-JCECE