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    3 new courses started in M.Tech in BIT Sindri

    In BIT Sindri, enrollment is to be done in 10 specializations under M.Tech 02-year course. In which 03 new specializations (i) Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (ii) Materials Engineering (Nanotechnology) and (iii) Instrumental and Control (Applied Instrumentation) are being started. BIT Director said that BIT Institute is also going to provide opportunities to the students of science to enroll in the field of engineering. Said that the specialty of all these specialization MTech courses is that they are interdisciplinary courses in which in addition to BE / B.Tech, M.Sc. Passed students will also be able to enroll.

    Dr. D.K. Singh, Director of BIT Sindri Sansthan explained the need of these courses in detail by holding a press conference on Wednesday. He told that there are innumerable career opportunities for M. Tech (Instrumentation and Control Engineering) Employment Sector: Instrumentation and Control Engineers. Instrumentation engineers are in great demand in the government as well as private sectors. Various chemical industries, energy companies, oil exploration and refining centers, railways, construction companies, telecommunications sectors, power generation, steel manufacturing factories, defense services, electronics manufacturing companies, power plants, quality testing laboratories, software design companies, space research organizations , etc. is top recruiter from diverse fields. Apart from these, postgraduates can also work as lecturers or start their career in research and development field (by taking PhD programme).

    BIT Director said that the tuition fee of all these specialization MTech courses is about 7700 / – annually and after 1925 enrollment of AC-ST students, 12500 / – per month scholarship is also given to GATE passed students. At the same time, information on the subject of two courses Metallurgical and Materials Engineering and Material Engineering (Nanotechnology) was provided by Dr. BN Rai, Head of the Department of Metal Engineering. He highlighted the industry based need and utility of this course. Whereas, Amit Gupta, Head of Department of Chemical Engineering and Dr. Ashok Varnwal provided information on Instrumental and Control (Applied Instrumentation) specialization. The importance of this course in industries was explained in detail.

    The press conference started with the welcome of all the members by Dr. Chandan Kumar P.Adhidhi PG. During the press conference, while stating the process of enrollment in all courses, it was said that the eligibility for enrollment for (i) Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (ii) Materials Engineering (Nanotechnology) and (iii) Instrumental and Control (Applied Instrumentation) courses is as follows. Is. Metallurgical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering/MSc Physics or Parallel Metallurgical Engineering-Mechanical Engineering Electronics & Communication/Instrumentation Engineering/MSc Physics, Chemistry or Parallel and Aeronautical Engineering-Biotechnology/Electrical Engineering/Chemical Engineering/Petroleum Engineering/Electrical & Electronic Engineering / Polymer Engineering or Parallel

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