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JOSAA IIT-NIT Rank Counselling Program

Rank Counselling Program

Rank  Counselling is a Revolutionary Career Counselling Program initiated by Vikas Kumar for  IIT-NIT-top 100 College Aspirants and their Parents. It Consists of Seat Information Counselling, Cut off Counselling-Closing Rank Counselling, Ranking Guidance, Branch Counselling, Placement Guidance, Seat Allotment Counselling, Choice Filling and Information Management.

It Includes Personal counselling, Group Counselling, Career Infopedia, SMS Alert, and Doubt clearing.

Students can enroll either for Standard or for Standard + MDCC.

Types of Rank Counselling Pogram

Type A

  1. JOSAA IIT -NIT Rank Counselling BITSAT Included-Fee Waiver based on Marks-Rank and Time frame
  2.  WBJEE-COMEDK-Top Private University-JEE Main Multi State RCP- Fee Waiver based on Marks-Rank and Time frame

Type B

Based on Availibility of Seats and Information  Counsellors

  1. Top Private University Rank Counselling  Program– @ Rs 7500
  2. JEE Main Multi State Rank Counselling Program– @ Rs 15000
  3. JEE Main Single State Counselling– @ Rs 7500

It Consists of

  1. Seat  Information Counselling 
  1. Overview and Its implication on students in respect to preparation and market scenario
  2.  College Wise Seats
  3. Branch Wise  Seats
  4. Category Wise  Seats-General-OBC-SC-ST

2.Cut off Counselling

IIT-NIT-College wise Cut off and Closing Rank

IIT-NIT-Branch Wise Cut off and Closing Rank

Round Wise Cut off and Closing Rank

Overview-3 Years Trend and its implication on Student

3. Ranking Guidance

Top 10 IIT Ranking

Top  10 NIT Ranking

Top 100 Colleges Ranking

4. Branch Counselling

  1. Most Wanted Branch Overview and  Impact on you
  2. Top 5 Branches Information
  3. Overview- All Branch

5. Placement Guidance

Placement Information of Top 10 IIT

Placement Information of Top 10 NIT

Placement Overview of Industry -3 years Trend

6. Seat Allotment Counselling

Basic Counselling Information

Step  by Step Guidance

Document Guidance

7.Goal Setting and Goal Resetting-Conflict Management

8.Decision Making

9. Choice Filling Counselling

  • Pre Choice Filling Guidance
  • Choice Filling under guidance of Experts of Psychographic  Society
  • Post Choice Filling Guidance

10.Information Management:


  1. Timely Update as and when  happens
  2. Pre  Alert  and communication
  3. Being Ready for  Entrance Exam/Result/Seat Allotment Counselling
  4. For Financial Planning
  5. For  Handling Conflicting and contradictory schedule

All Notification Entrance Exams  will be given till 31st July next.

Information comes in pieces but has to be integrated-assimilated on time or before time to avoid last minute panic  an d Rush.

There will more than 50 information about JEE main /Advanced from Nov to July which has almost fixed pattern. Experience of our counselor  helps students and parents for being prepared.

If   a student is not expected in JEE Advanced Below AIR 5000- More than 100 information updates will be useful for him (In Ranchi number of Students within AIR 1000 is 10, AIR 2000 is less than 50 and below AIR 5000 is less than 100- for General Category.Total applicants from Ranchi in JEE main 2016 was 15000 +

If a student is not in general Category AIR 15000-25000 , OBC AIR 25000-35000, SC-  1 lakh to 1. 5 lakh, ST  2 lakh-3.5 lakh – they will need more than 200 information update till 31st July.

Counselling Services Availability:


Standard +MDCC

Best Time to Enroll For Rank Counselling Program

Ideally it is better to Join IIT Pre Counselling Program in the beginning of std XI or Std XII which Includes Rank Counselling

Next Right opportunity is To Join IIT Extended IIT Pre Counselling Program in January after JEE Main-Jan includes RC

However if not done –

Enroll Before JEE Main Result in April, or May onwards

Batch Commencement –

May- As per JEE Main / Advanced exam result schedule.

June- As per JEE Main / Advanced exam result schedule.

Dates are subject to exam and Counselling cycle- Call 95707-95071/97095-34303 for exact schedule

For students who are not from Ranchi can enroll for online Rank Counselling or Rank Counselling Workshop to be held in May and June

Career Infopedia 

         Rank Counselling Infopedia               
Module 1Date of Distribution
Overview1Overview-IIT-NIT-Top 100 Colleges1st Interaction
2JEE Main Infopedia
3JEE Advanced Infopedia
4BITSAT -Top Private Entrance Infopedia
5Parents Manual -Counselling Diary-cum- FEE Infopedia
Module 26IIT Seat Infopedia2nd Interaction
IIT Tracker7IIT 6th Round Closing Rank
8IIT First Round Closing Rank
Module 39NIT-IIIT-GFTI Seat Infopedia2nd Interaction
NIT Tracker10NIT-IIIT-GFTI 6th Round Closing Rank Infopedia
11NIT-IIIT-GFTI 1st Round Closing Rank Infopedia
Module 412Ranking Infopedia3rd Interaction
Choice Filling Tracker13JosAA Mock Business Rule29th April
14JoSAA IIT Choice Filling Workbook-1After JEE Main Result
15JoSAA NIT-IIIT-GFTI 1st Choice Filling Workbook -2
Module 516Branch Infopedia and Trend Analysis28th May
17JoSAA IIT-NIT-IIIT-GFTI Choice Filling Workbook-3After JEE Advanced Exam
Branch  Tracker
Module 618Placement Infopedia and Trend Analysis5th June
Placement Tracker19JoSAA IIT-NIT-IIIT-GFTI Choice Filling Workbook-4
20Reporting Centre and Vaccant Seat Infopedia
Module 721  Seat Status and Final Choice Filliing Strategy12th June
Strategy Tracker

Note- Infopedia will be give in print / e-version- Online Infopedia access will be given to all on Printed Version will be given as per follows- 2 for those enrolled in Standard Version, 3-8 for Those enrolled in standard +MDCC.


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