Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Andhra Pradesh- NIRF Ranking- MHRD 100 - Best in India -2017-2018-2019-2020-2021
Dear Students and Parents From the perspective of College selection- We Strongly believe that for the purpose of admission ranking of IITs cant be compared to NITs , NITs cant be ranked together with Private university. However there are some meeting points where when rank is low in IITs- one may or should opt for top branch in ...More Publised On:-24/Feb/2018 07:35 AM
Top 100 Engineering Colleges in India 2017 - 2018 - Top 10 IIT - NIT
Dear Students and Parents We Very strongly believe that IITs-NITs-Top Private University and top Private Colleges cant be given one ranking...there may be some meeting points but as a whole any student who will get a seat in good IIT and good Branch- he will not skip and at the same time if he has lower rank he may want to explore NITs and oth ...More Publised On:-24/Feb/2018 05:07 AM
Avani Chaturvedi: First Indian woman to fly fighter jet
Source- सरोज सिंह बीबीसी संवाददाता अवनि चतुर्वेदी फ़ाइटर जेट उड़ाने वाली पहली भारतीय महिला पायलट बन गई हैं. इस वजह है आज हर तरफ़ उनके ही नाम की चर्चा है. उन्होंने अकेले मिग-21 बाइसन विमान उड़ा का यह कीर्तिमान स्थापित किया है. इमेज कॉपीरइटDINANKAR CHATURVEDI अवनि ने इसके लिए गुजरात के जामनगर एयरबेस से उड़ान भरी और पहली बार में इ ...More Publised On:-22/Feb/2018 05:00 PM